Maths prove the existence of God, Hallelujah!

Yeah, someone has proved that God is real and exists there, in some place, or everywhere, I never got to learn these matters  The discoverers aren’t theologians, philosophers, prophets or Popes, but a pair of mathematicians: Cristoph Benzmuller and Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo. And this couple has proved God’s existence using a mathematical theorem, the named Godel’s theorem (Scientists ‘Prove’ God’s Existence With A MacBook)

Creation of the Sun and Moon by Michelangelo
Creation of the Sun and Moon by Michelangelo

For those obstinate atheists -like me- who aren’t convinced yet, here it is a fragment of the article in, Cornell University Library:

A detailed natural deduction proof. A formalization of the axioms, definitions and theorems in the TPTP THF syntax. Automatic verification of the consistency of the axioms and definitions with Nitpick. Automatic demonstration of the theorems with the provers LEO-II and Satallax. A step-by-step formalization using the Coq proof assistant. A formalization using the Isabelle proof assistant, where the theorems (and some additional lemmata) have been automated with Sledgehammer and Metis.

It’s clearer now, isn’t it? Obviously, nobody can deny this evidence, if it is explained with so many expert terms. If you -like me- don’t understand how some mathematical equations can prove the existence of God, or how the TPTP THF syntax (whatever that is) can be related to God, or who is Leo II, don’t think, just have faith and trust on Cristoph and Bruno. They know some odd words, therefore this is a reliable research.

Once the existence of God has been proved, it would be important to know if He (or She, I don’t want to be labeled as sexist) is Catholic, Protestant, Hebrew, Islamic, Zoroastrian or what, if He/She reads the Bible, the Coran or doesn’t read, if He/She is monotheist or polytheist. So many questions…  But Cristoph and Bruno haven’t told anything about these matters. I guess that they need more mathematical equations, or maybe more cannabis.

But I have other doubts that I think are more relevant for this case: is this “research” the stupidest “scientific” work in 2013? Why does a magazine publish this nonsense? Are these Cristoph and Bruno a pair of dumbs, or just two guys who enjoy clowning around?


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