The honor of killing

Yesterday I saw a post in Google+. It is below, and some comments as well. It made me to think how difficult is to understand some people. For me, persons like the author of this post seem to live in another planet, but sadly they live in this one.

marines posing with US and SS flags in Afghanistan
Marines with their flags in Afghanistan (Atlantic Wire)

Here is the post:

post in Google+

“Kill first, die last”, “One shot, one kill”, “The blood of a Warfighter”… How can someone to claim that kind of phrases? How can someone to be pride of being or aspiring to be a Warfighter? Does he like war? It’s difficult to know it, because even when he answers in the comments, just knows to repeat cliches that he memorized a day.

Marines, people trained to kill. Basically, they run around the world invading the weakest countries and killing civilians. All made to steal resources for U.S. elite, to improve the economic benefits of multinationals and financial power. How can someone find honor in that? Memorizing cliches and never thinking.

It’s totally out of my understanding, I confess it.

The only thing I can do it is to delete that guy of my circles in Google+ (done) to not run the risk of reading other post from him, and, if I were not an atheist, I would thank God that there isn’t oil where I live.


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