Avinguda Barack Obama, Nàquera

Nàquera is a town near the place where I live, in Pais Valencià, Spain. Five years ago, the council, surprisingly, named an avenue as “Barack Obama”.

Avinguda Barack Obama

Nowdays, citizens of Náquera have asked for remove that name. The neighborhood is tired of being laughed at them every time they say the name of the avenue (Obama se queda en Nàquera)

It’s common here to put personality names to some streets, foreigners as well. For example, I know a Salvador Allende street, and an Olof Palme street. But, Barack Obama??? To compare Obama with them is really offensive for great men as Allende and Palme.

At this point, it’s incredible how this guy got to deceive the world during a time. Even he got a Nobel Peace Prize! He was just eight or nine months as President when the members of the Nobel Commitee decided to give him the prize. What had he done during that months to deserve the prize?… perhaps because he hadn’t started any war yet? It’s a known fact that U.S.A. always is in war with one or more countries.

USA, years in war

But he has continued with the war in Afghanistan and the occupation of Irak. Also, his massive terrorist program with drones, mainly in Pakistan and Yemen. I wonder what American people would think if a Pakistani drone launches several missiles over some American citizens in U.S.A. territory. Ok, maybe Pakistan is far from achieving the needed technology, but maybe China or Russia? This article (The Sticky Questions Surrounding Drones And Kill Lists) sets out an interesting question: “What happens when the Russians, say, send an armed drone into Georgia to
the south claiming that there’s a Chechen terrorist that’s hiding in
Georgia? And they have no other way to kill him and so they’re going to
kill him with a drone missile?”

Would U.S. consider that a terrorist attack or an act of war? Ah, but that is different, because American people are exceptional, Obama claims, and Pakistani, Russian, Chinese and the rest of the non American world aren’t (A Plea for Caution From Russia, about the self-proclaimed American exceptionalism).

drone victims

For example, the children in the picture above. They are some of the victims murdered by Obama, non exceptional people, just Pakistani collateral damage. No problem. He sobbed or pretended to sob when a man killed 20 American children, using his sacred right to bear firearms. But no one will listen a word from Obama about these non American children, no one will notice remorse or pity in this guy after having killed about 200 non American children. He doesn’t lose his radiant smile for a little incident like that. (178 children in this video, but it was done one year ago)

And I continue with the question above: what happens when the Russians launch one or two missiles to kill that terrorist in Georgia and kill also a few
American children? Will they be just collateral damage?

Each Tuesday, Barack Obama personally oversees and approves the “kill list”, next drone strikes in his terrorist program (From Hiroshima to Syria, the Enemy Whose Name We Dare Not Speak). Today is Friday. In four days, next Tuesday, as every Tuesday, Obama will decide which families will be butchered in the next days, in their homes, because some member of the family or someone in the neighborhood perhaps is a possible suspect of something, maybe.

In every country there are the so named tribunals. Since some centuries ago, it’s commonly accepted that it’s more appropriate to try accused in a trial, rather than kill them, their families, neighbours, rescuers and mourners.

Yes, families, neighbours, rescuers and mourners. Most of times the missiles are launched over a home, and so the complete family is killed, and neighbours in nearest homes as well. Often there is a second strike minutes later, when other people are trying to rescue injured persons and corpses, so killing rescuers; they are helping the bad persons, so they are bad persons as well, aren’t they? This practice have made to change behaviour of the people living under the drones, and often injured victims stay alone during a long time because nobody want to
run the risk helping them. And sometimes, an additional strike is done in the funeral for the victims to kill the mourners, because it is possible that there is a bad person, why not? So, family members and friends are afraid to attend funerals. That’s the life under Obama’s drones.

To know more about terrorist attacks at Pakistan, visit this site: Living Under Drones. They made a research during nine months, with more than 130 interviews with victims, witnesses and experts, and
review of thousands of pages of documentation and media reporting. Conclusions: from June 2004 through mid-September 2012, Bush and (mainly) Obama killed 2.562-3.325 people in Pakistan, and 2% of them were confirmed “high-level” targets. I repeat: 2%. But Obama regime makes accounts otherwise: they counts all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants, unless there is explicit intelligence posthumously proving them innocent (Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will). It’s the old method to never miss the target: first, shoot to anywhere, and when the missile reaches someone, claim that was the target.

Obama dreaming with war
Obama has a dream (from rebelion.org)

There are more matters about this guy. For example, his modern Konzentrationslager in Guantanamo. At November 2008, when he won elections, Guantanamo was going to be closed imminently. Five years later, was Guantanamo closed? Or was Barack lying?

Or his global surveillance network. The whole world is under his surveillance: citizens of every nation, embassies, United Nations, allied rulers. The Obama regime is building a police state in U.S., and also a world where citizens haven’t rights and nations haven’t sovereignity, at least that is what he is trying (Self-defense against Big Brother, some resources against his snooping).

Big Brother Obama

Barack has got something that seemed impossible: to suceed Bush and worsen U.S. image in the world. But it isn’t odd, because even his enormous propaganda system can’t hide the evidence: Barack Obama is a terrorist.


Well, Nàquera is a nice town, and doesn’t  deserve a street with that name. I hope that its citizens will get to remove it, some day… but it will not happen for the moment. The mayor has rejected the request, alleging that a change would cause too much economic and bureaucratic costs. Citizens will have to wait to get an avenue with a civilized name.


2 thoughts on “Avinguda Barack Obama, Nàquera

  1. I’ve received a comment from an American friend, via email, and I’ve been given permission to publish it. Thank you for it, Lily, always is good to know what people in US think about all this. Here it is:


    Hi Samuel, and thank you for letting me read your blog post! Unfortunately, I think you're right about the things you say about Obama. And also unfortunately, I don't think the American people know or care very much about how many people are killed by our drones, or how long people have been held in Guantanamo prison.

    Ever since 9-11 Americans have been a frightened people, and now they are very worried about the economy too. Frightened worried people do dangerous things. For instance, Obama did try to close the Guantanamo prison, by moving the men to the USA to a regular prison, to wait for regular trial. But there was great resistance — people in the USA did not want the prisoners near them, they were afraid of another attack.

    Anyway, I think what the USA has done in other countries has been awful, and only makes other people hate us more, and therefore makes us less safe. In Afghanistan, for example, we could have done so much more good by spending all that money on teachers and doctors and engineers to improve education and health and infrastructure, instead of on soldiers, and made the world safer too.

    But, back to Obama, it is also true that he has done good things inside the USA. Spying on US citizens, as well as on other people, is not good, but his health care plan will be extremely good for people here, if it survives. And my country is crazy enough that he is the best choice we have.

    Thanks for listening to me ramble, Samuel! O.O


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