September 11, 40th anniversary

Forty years ago, a criminal gang formed by the serial killer Augusto Pinochet and other Chilean generals, the Nobel Peace Prize Henry Kissinger (it’s curious, nowdays there is other famous killer who got a Nobel Peace Prize) and the felon Richard Nixon perpetrated a bloody coup in Chile.

Salvador Allende, Palacio de la Moneda
Salvador Allende, 11 Sept 1973 – Photo by Luis Orlando Lagos Vasquez

Salvador Allende was, like me, a doctor and a marxist  He won elections at Chile, in 1970, and tried to reach socialism by democratic ways. But it wasn’t possible, capitalism in its worst side, neoliberalism, was imposed three years later with a coup d’etat and 40.000.murders. Salvador Allende committed suicide with an AK-47 rifle given to him by Fidel Castro.

Salvador Allende – Author ‘Siete Días Ilustrados

Here a video, “Presidente – Hommage à Salvador Allende”, by Angel Parra and Mouss et Hakim.



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