Self-defense against Big Brother

Some decades ago were made a lot of novels and movies about the fight against evil villains trying to control the planet: for example, Fu-Manchu and Dr. No. Nowadays, in the real world, we have Barack Obama.

Big Brother Obama
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Any of that villains would like to be so powerful as Obama is, with thousands of soldiers, bombers and warships all around the world, also able to kill people at thousands of miles of distance with no risk using drones. It’s estimated that Obama has killed about 4.000 persons with his drones, being the 80% of the murdered just innocent civilians (or, in his 1984-style language, “collateral damages”). Obama has killed more innocents than Bin Laden.

Now, we know also that this modern supervillain is watching the whole world, he wants to control everything in the planet, and U.S. government is doing it with a massive espionage system. And that affects me directly. I can’t fight against the murders, but I have to protect myself from U.S. espionage.

The reactions at this new scandal are being disappointing, to say the least. In U.S.A., people just talks about the right to privacy for American citizens, so it’s assumed that the other 6.835.000.000 inhabitants of the planet Earth, the foreigners, as U.S. National Security Agency names us, can be spied by the U.S. president (“yes, we scan”). At Europe there was some timid reaction complaining (EU lawmakers attack US snooping programs that class european allies as foreigners), but everyone knows that there will not be any effective answer. The ability of European rulers to tolerate hostile behaviour from U.S. government and continue saying that it is our ally is well-known. Is U.S. an ally?

So, the fight against U.S. snooping must be self-defense. Even if I have nothing to hide, I don’t like the idea of being spied by this mixture of Nixon, Dr. No and Big Brother, and totally agree with the appeals to fight against Obama totalitarianism (Europe Must Protect Itself from America)

For the moment, I’m doing some changes in my activity on internet. It’s not a radical change though, because I knew some of these options already, even if I wasn’t using them yet


Internet browser

I’ve changed my internet browser. No more Internet Explorer or Chrome, now I use Tor Browser. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Tor Browser protects anonymity bouncing communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world. So, it prevents Obamas and other potential snoopers watching what sites you visit, and also it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location. This is useful to dodge companies snooping as well.

There is some issue though, if I try to watch a video at youtube, for example, because Tor disables the options that can be dangerous for anonymity. In that cases, I use Mozilla Firefox, and this one has been my default browser during the last years. But now I’ve configured it with security options and add-ons (Firefox with add-ons – Secure Web Browser):  No Script, Better Privacy, Google Sharing, HTTPS Everywhere.


Web search

No more Google, Yahoo or Bing search. Tor uses StartPage web search, that lets do it not sending information to the American Big Brother about your searches. Other good alternative is DuckDuck Go. Any of these alternatives does search as good as Google, and doesn’t give information to the enemy.



No more Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, all of them come from U.S. and are run by firms in the U.S. snooping program (PRISM). Tor project has an email web service as well, Tor Mail, I’ve opened an account there.

For my other accounts, now I’m using Mozilla Thundebird. It can be used with Enigmail and GnuPG, to write and receive encrypted messages.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Social networks

I’ve put Google+ on stand-by. I’ve not deleted my account, at the moment being, but I’m not using it, while I decide what to do about it. There are other secure alternatives, such as Friendica, Diaspora or

image from

Friendica, for example, lets members to install their own servers, sharing them with family, friends and/or other members. If not, there is a list of public servers where anyone can join. And many of these servers are placed out from U.S.A., so much safer.

And there is a popular alternative as well, Twitter. Although it is an American company, it’s not included in the list of PRISM firms and, contrary to Microsoft, Apple, Google or Facebook, uses to defend users rights from the government..



I installed, time ago, Ubuntu Linux in my PC, and used both, Ubuntu and the pre-installed Windows, alternating them according to what I was going to do at any moment. Now, although I won’t uninstall Windows, will use much more Linux, and Windows just will be for some games, always disconnected from Internet.

Linux logo

It’s well-known that any Linux distribution is better in security than Windows. If also, Microsoft is American and one of the companies that is collaborating with Big Brother, then the choice is clear.



About this blog, obviously I’m not comfortable using a Google service, as Blogger is. I would change to WordPress, web software built by hundreds of volunteers. However, the process to move a blog from Blogger to WordPress can be a bit complex, even more if you try to keep the blog with the same design, as I would do. I was a long time working until I got the design that I wanted. So, that is a task that I have in mind, but it should be done when I get free time for it.




Information to read for self-defense:


My support for Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Jeremy Hammond and Edward Snowden, the people who are unmasking U.S.A.


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