Regards to Big Brother

It has been published these days, Big Brother Obama is spying all of us, or at least those who live in the part of the world named “non United States of America”.

Big Brother Obama

That is what Big Brother Obama and one of His men (James Clapper, director of national intelligence) said: the snooping is applied just to foreigners, not to the Empire citizens. It’s curious -and a bit disquieting for me, perhaps because I’m one of that foreigners- that the main excuse to justify any crime -snooping, drone strikes, kidnapping, torture, concentration camps- is to claim that it isn’t applied against American citizens. Can someone consider that like a valid excuse?

Well, non American people have our little heart as well, and we like to think that we have rights as human beings. But Big Brother Obama doesn’t think so.

Another clear example was when He sobbed or pretended sobbing during some seconds, when He was talking about the children who were killed at Sandy Hook, Newtown. However, He hasn’t any trouble to slaughter hundreds of non American children with his drone strikes at Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia… Yesterday, a new drone strike was perpetrated at Pakistan, killing seven people (Reuters: First U.S. drone strike under New Pakistan prime minister kills seven); for the time being, nobody has claimed the attempt, but everyone knows the perpetrator.

Obama sobs

So, for non American people, and even for American citizens who don’t believe Big Brother when he says that it isn’t applied to them (does anyone believe Him?), here are several resources to dodge Him in internet.

  • Tor – Free software and an open network that protects your privacy, for web browers, instant messaging clients, remote logins, mail service. It works for Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix and Android. I highly recommend it.
  • Strongbox – It lets to share information, messages and files with a greater degree of anonimity than afforded by conventional e-mail.

If you want to know more, for example about phones, read this: The Motherboard Guide to Avoiding the NSA

And visit these sites:

A second post about the matter:


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