Tricks of generals and prime ministers

Today, a joke here.

It’s said that Napoleon used to wear a red jacket in battles. He did that because if he was hurt, the red color might conceal the blood, and so it would not worry his officers and soldiers and they would continue fighting.

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200 years later, the Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, uses the same trick. Here he is, wearing brown pants.

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This is a widespread joke in Spain. I read it by first time in a political magazine that an activist was handing out in the street, but it can be seen at many sites in internet as well, for example in these sites (in Spanish):,

Should we think that he is trying to conceal something with the brown color in his pants when he meets people? Yes, why not? Mariano isn’t known for his bravery. Of course, it would be a silly trick, because the brown color can’t conceal the scent, but Mariano neither is known for his intelligence.

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