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April 6, 2013: day of civil disobedience against Facebook censorship

OpTruthForce in AnonNews – Everything Anonymous

One of the most recent cases of Facebook censorship happened to the Jeu de Paume Museum: its account was blocked from Facebook for a period of 24 hours after posting an image of a nude woman (facebook.com/photo), which was part of an art exhibition by photographer Laure Albin Guillot (1879-1962).

censored photo

Yes, in the original photo the breasts of the woman could be seen (oh God!!!). If you think you are strong (or pervert) enough to withstand the uncensored image, click on this link.

But it isn’t only their ridiculous inability to distinguish between pornography and art, also there is a political censorship. As the announce of Anonymous says,

“we have witnessed an increased number of account blocking and deletion by facebook, of users who dare to ridicule, mock, satirize or speak out against political leaders or corporations heavily involved with politics.”

In other known and recent case of censorship, Facebook banned a Gandhi quote, as you can read here: naturalnews.com


Next Saturday is the chosen day to hit Facebook with uncensored material, since 1 am GMT during 24 hours. Their system will be flood, and their admins won’t be able to keep up.

#optruthforce in Twitter


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