Steven Seagal in Google+ or an unhinged troll?

I wanted to share this post from Google+, it happened some days ago.

All of us have seen trolls in internet, people publishing inflammatory or off-topic messages in a community. But these messages were so odd and excessive, that looked like those bad horror movies that make you laugh. What makes a person who perhaps in his or her daily life, in the real world, looks normal (or perhaps not), to become a complete idiot when connected to internet?

picture by Marchange

Click on ‘continue reading’ to see the sequence of messages.

I must remark that the sequence hasn’t been modified; I did three screenshots and paste them in an image.  There weren’t deleted messages between them, although there were more later, from other people and the elite commando.

This case shows two things:

  • Human stupidity hasn’t limits, as Eisntein said in an often used quote.
  • No anyone can be a troll, it’s needed some skill for it. Probably this one was a long time preparing his/her/its replies, that long post wasn’t an improvised one, and hurled it not minding what Colby Hand wrote. But he/she/it just got to argue with one person, a 13 years old child. The rest of people following the post, including Colby, simply ignored the troll.

And fortunately this killing machine ignored me. I can continue living quietly, by the moment.


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