Is it safe to have money in a bank?

picture from dullhunk

Surely we should revise our beliefs on the subject. European Union governments have given clear evidence that, if they have to choose between citizens and banks, they don’t hesitate, they will do anything to save banks, even stealing money from citizens openly. They are doing it now in Cyprus, even breaking EU laws, because these laws say that deposits with less than 100.000 € are guaranteed (Cyprus rescue breaks all the rules). Law say that, but European Union skip their own laws to help banks. And they will do it in other countries, if they think that banksters need it.

EU, who will be the next? Spain or Italy?
Nicosia, Cyprus, March 18

During ages, people kept their savings under the mattress or similar places. I had a grandaut, living in a small Spanish village, who periodically was changing her money from a hiding place to another: under a floor tile, into the mattress, wrapped in balls of wool…

Should we return to these old practices? Any place seems to be safer than banks, where our money is “guarded” by people, the banksters, to whom the government may at any time authorize to steal us.

Bertolt Brecht said it, many years ago, despite he didn’t know the actual scam, named crisis by the fraudsters: “What is the robbing of a bank compared to the founding of a bank?”

But there was an important difference between the banksters that Bertolt Brecht knew and the actual ones: in that age, governments were above the banks, and had some dominion over them. Today, banksters are clearly above governemnts; rulers like Mariano Rajoy, James Cameron, Angela Merkel or Barack Obama just obey banksters’ “recommendations”. It’s not a coincidence that their decisions always benefit the same.

Of course, there is a great issue to keep money in home: inflation, caused by the actual monetary system where banks create money from nothing, that makes that the money lose value quicker than any other past age (look this post Money as debt). So, to keep money in a hiding place at home isn’t a wise decision nowdays. Really there isn’t a good alternative.

The process by which banks create money is so simple that the mind is repelled
from Money as Debt

But it’s obvious that some banks are more dangerous than others. I’m Spanish, and I think it would be a stupidity hold money in Spanish banks, in this moment. As the picture above says, Spain or Italy can be the next nation where citizens will be robbed to help banks. If it happens, only the most ignorant will say that they didn’t see it coming.

And lately we’re seeing often a clear sign that this will happen: politicians do repeat, again and again, that it will not happen.



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