The Sculpture Whisperer

The Colossus of Rhodes fell to the land due an earthquake on 226 B.C., and then it was kept on the ground because an oracle said that was what they should do. Well, now we have the same, or a similar case, in Castelló, Spain. A sculpture -a pair of human hands holding two pigeons or ravens or something like that, 25 meters high and 35 tons of weight- at a street was knocked down by a hard wind (Cae una escultura de Ripollés,

But we haven’t an oracle in this Spanish story, that rol was taken here by the artist who built that sculpture, Juan Ripollés. A picture below. About the little antennas over his head and the flowers, yes, he uses to wear them, the color can vary though.


The great artist told to the media that he had talked during five hours with the fallen sculpture and it (the sculpture) told him that it would like not to be repaired but to stay on the ground, as it is now. Yes, you have read well, the sculpture talks with this artist, and it seems it is very talkative, five hours talking!

It’s a shame that the artist didn’t say what they were talking during all that time, obviously they talked about many more matters, I guess. Maybe it was some intimate conversation, something that can’t be shared with other people.




But authorities, thirteen days later, yesterday, said that they were going to repair the sculpture. Maybe they didn’t answer before because they were busy distributing envelopes with black money to themselves, as Spanish politicians use to do, including our corrupt prime minister Mariano Rajoy (Another blow, The Economist , Barcenas scandal continues to rock Rajoy’s government, rtn news). But finally they decided not to listen the talkative scupture. Perhaps if the hands would have given them an envelope with money… but they didn’t.

Yesterday, our artist Ripollés spoke, between sob and sob, to the media: “stupidity”, “shoddy work”, “it will be done against my will”, “ages will give me the reason”, “I was eager to do her hair and clean her” (what hair? two hands and two birds). But authorities are merciless, and the helpless sculpture will be repaired.

Ripolles with fallen sculpture

I’m not joking, all this has happened. Ripollés isn’t a cartoon, he’s real, I swear.


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