Spam, by Vince_Lamb
picture by Vince_Lamb

I didn’t want, but I’ve had to change the comments policy in this blog due the spam. First it was King Juan Carlos I, elephant and women hunter the post that was periodically receiving comments in this style:

“Good post. Now visit my website, http:…”

Always with links to different websites where some miraculous product was in sale. I guessed that post was linked in some place from where spammers visited my blog, so I closed comments in that post. But it was useless, then the target was changed to May a Chinese girl win a medal? Just in a day, February 1, this post got 12 spam comments in the same style.

This has forced me to change the comments options, and now anonymous people can’t comment, it’s needed to be a registered user, with Google+ or OpenID (or a Follower of this blog, of course). For those who don’t know it, OpenID allows you to use an existing account to sign in to multiple websites.

We’ll see if this sytem works to contain the spam.


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