Wake Up

Wake Up

Picture shared by someone at Google+ on December 22, when we -most of us, at least- had realized already that the world hadn’t ended yet (December 22 and still here)

It’s very good to remind the truth of this world. Surely many people believe that thought isn’t true, but the fact that they are not aware of being slaves does not make them free. And it’s needed to be repeated again and again, everywhere, to get that more people wake.


In some places more clearly than others, but anyway the dominion is increasing nowdays. In Europe, democracy was useful for the financial elite so far, that ended. They want more, and they never have enough, because they want everything.

In the Western world, much more in Europe than USA, was built during many years a system of public services that were considered basic (health, education, aid to disabled and unemployed, etc.), the so named welfare state. Now that system is being dismantled and privatized. Because they want everything.

Public services weren’t a gift from Governments, that welfare state was built after years of workers fight and was paid with our money, our taxes. That public services are ours, and now are being given to private companies. It’s a barefaced robbery.

bank bailout
picture from Musica, fe y pensamiento

And Governments do that because there isn’t money for their upkeep, they say. Meanwhile the money from taxes, thousands and thousands of millions of our money, are being given to banks. There is money for banks, the same money that until now was for the dying welfare state. And Governments say, with an incredible hypocrisy, that they don’t like that but it’s what the markets – financial power, banks- want.

So, where is the democracy? If Governments (our alleged representatives) do what markets want, and not what citizens need, where is the democracy? In the first picture I would add a phrase:


Protests and demonstrations are daily, but the answer from “our representatives” is, for example in Spain, to increase budget for riot police equipment a 1.780% (not 1,78% but 1.780%, 173.670 € in 2012 and 3.260.000 € in 2013) (www.rojoynegro.info). Our Government is afraid of us.

I think that our Government is determining the direction. The Government knows that class war is coming to a new phase, and is getting ready for it. But no government can hold back the people when it rises, and a social explosion is closer every day.

class war ahead
picture from links.org.au

It’s a matter of survival, people is starving at Spain, Greece, Portugal… and if we don’t stop this robbery it will be worse next year, and 2014 will be worse than 2013, and 2015 worse than 2014… If peaceful demonstrations are useless, it will be needed to raise the tone of the protests. If every democratic way is closed, we’ll have to take the uprising way. If the non-violent way is impossible, violence is a need.


Maybe the change of cycle in the Maya calendar meant this. Or not, Mayans hadn’t got the slightest idea about the future, but anyway we can cause that change of cycle.


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