My life without TV

Some weeks ago my TV broke down. However, I didn’t panicked, because it had happened already a few months ago and I knew that I could endure it. And this time I thought ‘why should I replace or fix it?’

tru power of tv
picture by sabotazystka

What are the functions of the TV?

  1. To inform. Well, seriously, do someone think that TV inform? Are TV news programs independent and truthful? Not in my country the country where I live. I’ve read that some media, like BBC, are relatively independent, but that’s different in Spain, here public TV is a barefaced tool for Government propaganda. And private TVs aren’t better, because they are, obviously, at the service of companies paying the costs. So, I left watching TV news a long time ago, and use internet to be informed, reading a few web sites.
  2. To amuse. Is TV fun? Most of programs are boring, annoying and/or outrageous. The only thing I would do is watching movies, but that is almost impossible in TV, at least Spanish TV. Usually a 90 minutes movie is cut up to insert 50 or 60 minutes of advertising. I can’t be in front of the TV the needed time to watch a movie. It’s very better to download movies from internet to watch them, and my laptop has a screen, a smaller screen, that’s true, but it can be placed closer. So, I don’t need TV for this. (By the way, I’ll say that I download movies, music and books, and I have not the slightest remorse, maybe other day we’ll talk about copyright and how happy I am sharing)
  3. To fill a central place in the living room.  My TV is fulfilling this function yet, but it isn’t needed that it works for that. If you wonder why I don’t remove it from there, the answer is that it is incredibly heavy. If you think I am a bit lazy, you are right. But I hope to do it some day.
no TV
picture from Sha3teely

Once I stopped using the TV, I got more time. What can I do with that time? To talk, to practice exercise, to read, to write here, to play, to do photos, to listen music, to think, even to do nothing is useful. Also, for some reason often we think that TV must be working at the same time that we do some of that activities. It’s better without TV distracting. Even my dog is happier, because now we do longer walks.




One and a half month without TV and counting time.


3 thoughts on “My life without TV

  1. I've been happily living without a TV for over three years now. I also find I do more and am less zombified. A room filled with music, or just silence is a very beautiful one (even when you are as messy as I am). People who live alone often say they put it on for company, but very poor company it is… it never listens to me!


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