Welcome Palestine

Thursday, November 29, Palestine is a new member of United Nations.

welcome Palestine
picture shared in Google+ by Dot Rose

Just a pair of days before, a guy wrote a comment in one of my posts in Google+, he wrote that most of civilized nations side with Israel, not Palestine. Well, now we can see which the “civilized” nations are: Israel, USA, Canada, Panama, Czech Republic, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Micronesia and Palao.

The list of “non civilized” nations is too much long to write it here.

It’s easy to understand the attitude of Israel. They are militarly occupying Palestine during 65 years, expelling Palestinian people from their homes and killing them to colonize that land. And they wish to continue doing it, because their God gave that land to them, they say.

It’s easy too to understand that small nations, some of them unknown for most of the world, they just do what US tells them.

But this is one of the issues in which we, European people, find more difficult to understand USA (and Canadian) people. Why that unconditional support to Israel?

Rachel CorrieHow can they ignore the military occupation, thousands of deaths, the hundreds of ignored UN resolutions, the seizure of land, Rachel Corrie, bulldozers demolishing houses (sometimes with their inhabitants inside), the racism, the apartheid, the Mavi Marmara, Sabra and Shatila, the white phosphorus, the torture (including children), the obvious and constant crimes…?

How can they agree when Jewish fundamentalists claim that they are the “Chosen People” and Palestinian land is Jewish because God gave it to them? How can they pretend that to claim that Israel should be a Jewish state and to do different laws for Jewish and non Jewish people is fair? Do they agree with the Israeli ex-Prime Minister Menahim Begin’s speech at the Knesset, when he claimed that “The Palestinians are beasts walking on two legs”?

Yasser ArafatAll we know that often Governments have secret reasons for their alliances and acts, and these always are economic reasons. But it’s more difficult to understand why so many people in USA agree with Israel crimes.

And I guess that they don’t understand us neither. Probably people like the guy who wrote that comment in Google+ is right now very surprised by the outcome of the vote in UN.



I know this is just a symbolic victory. Israel will continue doing the same they have done during all these years, and USA will continue vetoing any attempt to found a real Palestinian state. But, anyway, it’s a victory. Welcome Palestine.

Palestine flag

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