The Pope brings comfort to afflicted

The worst economic crisis in the world, people commiting suicide each week in countries like Greece and Spain due evictions, unemployement, hunger… 165 murdered persons in Palestine in one week bombing a nation with no army … poverty growing each day all around the world… protests around Europe and Arab countries harshly repressed by any mean…

And then the Pope Ratzinger, now named Benedict XVI, the highest authority for millions of Catholic people, talks to the world.

the Pope talking: In the stable at Bethlehem there weren't ox and donkey


Alright. I don’t know how I could live until now, being unaware of that information.

I like this guy. Each time he talks, I become a bit more atheist. By the way, I’ll say that I spent my childhood in a catholic school, but it seems they didn’t do a good job with me.


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