Celtic Music in InWorldz, October

Next concerts of celtic music by Ilianor Illios in InWorldz for the next days, October 19, 28 and 29. In one of them, accompanying Yichard Muni in a Storytelling.

October 19, 1:00 pm, at the 2nd Annual Canvasing the Imagination Art Fest (Utopia Sculptured Gardens) – Ilianor opens the Art Festival with her beautiful music. More than 20 artists from the virtual world will take part in this festival.

October 28, 1:00 pm, at the Halloween Fright Fest (InWorldz Events A) – Live Harp & Storytelling with Ilianor Illios & Yichard Muni.

October 29, noon, at the Lighthouse Club – Live Harp with Ilianor Illios.

Ilianor Illios
picture by Ilianor

Click on ‘read more’ to listen and watch one of her videos.

Video uploaded by Riccardo Rivarola

Ilianor Illios – Concerto from Riccardo Rivarola on Vimeo.


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