Spain in images

The title of this post can mislead. Don’t expect to see the typical images of beaches, girls in bikini sunbathing, a paella, or a guy torturing a bull. Today I’m going to put here some recent pictures, showing what is Spain at the moment being. The images that the president who always does the opposite of what he promises and the King who kills elephants would like to hide.

old woman looking in a dumpster
old woman looking in a dumpster

Poverty has risen to levels that were not known since the postwar period. Spanish Government continues indifferent, just worried about bankers, and so raising tax, dismantling every public services and giving thousands of millions to banks.

Of course, that causes troubles. People is protesting and making demonstrations daily all around Spain. Catalonians have decided to flee from this country falling in pieces, and will try to become independent. What is the answer of the Government to all these protests?

three cops kicking a boy
three cops beating a boy
old man being dragged on the ground by two cops
Miguel Angel, 72 years old, being dragged by two cops (photo from
photo by Chema Moya
two women beaten and arrested
two women beaten and arrested (photo from
girl attacked by cops
girl taking care of another girl attacked by police
minor begging to a cop
Anna, 16 years old, begging “No me pegues, por favor, no me pegues (Don’t hit me, please, don’t hit me)” (photo by Marc Sardón)

Yes, that is: violence and brutality. There are hundreds of pictures showing the police brutality in Spain during the last months, this was just a very little sample. Searching in Google “Spanish police brutality” gets 23.600.000 results.

And there will be many more pictures of police brutality, because economic status is not going to improve (banks need more of our money), government is not going to change its priorities, protests are not going to stop, and riot police are not going to become normal human beings -riot cops were chosen after overcoming psychological tests proving that they could behave in the way they are doing-.

Just one example: on September 25 a demonstration happened in Madrid. When riot police attacked demonstrators, some of them ran into a subway station. Cops followed them into the station and, like they weren’t sure who came from the demonstration and who didn’t, they hit anyone around, including people waiting for their train. Government publicly congratulated the police for their behavior this day.

We are watching images that we thought just happened in dictatorships, not in democracies… like Spain?. Or perhaps we should change our concept of what democracy is. Cast a ballot in a ballot box every four years is democracy? “Vote and shut up”, is democracy?


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