Celtic Music in InWorldz

Last week I published a post with pictures of City of Light, a place built by Ilianor Illios in InWorldz. But, as I said in that post, Ilianor is well known in InWorldz due her concerts of celtic music. In the next days she’ll play two concerts:

September 12, noon-12:00 pm, at Twist & Torch Art Fest

September 21, 11:00 am, closing of Twist & Torch Art Fest 

Ilianor Illios
picture by Ilianor

Today I bring here a pair of videos to listen.

The first one is a short video, just 2 minutes, uploaded by TheDaxim1, to start knowing her music: celtica, una musica per sognare, as the video says.

The second one is longer, 23 minutes of celtic music. A beautiful video, uploaded by Riccardo Rivarola

Ilianor Illios from Riccardo Rivarola on Vimeo.


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