Media lie, and lie, and lie again

I read this story when Kimberly Shoemaker published it in Google+, here.

Pakistan girl

The media have been showing this picture during several days, and they say that she is Rimsha Masih, a 14 years old Christian girl, who has been charged with blasphemy after allegedly burning papers containing Quranic verses, and has been sent to jail on 14-days judicial remand. That tale with the same picture can be seen, for example, in these sites:

The Frontier post: Blasphemy case: Court extends Rimsha Masih’s remand The Fate of Rimsha Masih Islamabad: Rimsha Masih remanded. Paul Bhatti optimistic for release Her name is Rimsha Masih

A sad story, showing us how intolerant is Islam. But there is a small problem in this story. The same picture is in other sites since 2006.

Maciej Dakowicz gallery
Pakistan – Earthquake
100+ Faves
Earthquake Relief Fund for Northern Pakistan and Kahsmir
Pakistan images

The picture was taken by Maciej Dakowicz on April 7, 2006, in Balakot, Pakistan. The text below the picture explains that she is a schoolgirl in a temporary primary school in Balakot, a city almost completely destroyed by the October 2005 earthquake.

Laughable. I guess that now, once it has been uncovered that they lied, they will explain that someone chose that picture to illustrate the story… the picture is a mistake, but the story is true, they will say. Yes, it’s possible, but why should we believe them?




This isn’t the first time that media are caught in a lie, and it will not be the last one. Another laughable lie with a picture was about Tibet riots, some months before the Pekin Olympics in 2008.

Chinese soldiers

In that days there were severe riots in Tibet, causing hundreds of deads. Chinese authorities accused Tibetan monks of violent attacks against Chinese population. But the Dalai Lama claimed that Chinese soldiers, disguised as monks, were the authors of that attacks. And then, very timely, the picture above was published here (Canada Free Press [Friday, March 21, 2008 10:20] Brit spies confirm Dalai Lama’s report of staged violence), showing a group of Chinese soldiers with monk clothes. This was the proof.

The site that first published the image (later it was published in many more sites) said in that post:

The images they (Britain’s GCHQ, the government communications agency) downloaded from the satellites provided confirmation the Chinese used agent provocateurs to start riots, which gave the PLA (Chinese People’s Liberation Army) the excuse to move on Lhasa to kill and wound over the past week.

Well, the first trouble is the angle: had you seen sometime a picture taken from a satellite with that angle of vision? Second, if they were going to disguise themselves to start riots, would they do it there, in the street, where anyone could see them? And third: curiosly, the same site that published the image, in a small text above it, said this:

This is an illustration of what I think happened:
This is not an uncommon ‘tactical move’ from the Chinese government, as could be seen on the back-cover of the 2003 annual TCHRD Report 
This photo was apparently made when soldiers were ordered to put on robes to play as actors in a movie.

Yes, the same site that says that this image provides confirmation the Chinese used agent provocateurs, also says that this image was taken in 2003, five years before, to do a movie. Are they fool, or do they think the rest of the world is fool?

But it seems that the rest of media publishing the picture just read the provocateurs part, not the text confessing that the picture was taken in 2003 instead of 2008. They simply ignored that text.




These are just two examples of obvious lies. What I wonder is, why should I believe media when they tell any news? Many news are very convenient to support political thought that Governments or some lobbies wish to spread. May we trust in some media, nowdays?


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