The Caribbean won Olympics

Bob Marley Mural, Foxberry Road SE4
Bob Marley Mural, Foxberry Road, image got from

In these days is easy to find a medal count, with the medals that each country won in Olympics. According to that count, US is in the first position, with 46 gold medals, in second position China with 38, and third position for Great Britain with 29.

But that list doesn’t take in account the population of each country. For example, China is the most populated country, with 1.343.239.923 inhabitants in July 2011, a 19% of world population, and they have got just a 12,7% of the gold medals, so it’s a poor result.

How is the result according to the ratio gold medals / population? Caribbean won a crushing victory, these are the countries in the first, second and third position:

  1. Grenada, 1 gold medal with 90.000 inhabitants
  2. Bahamas 1 gold medal, 351.000 inhabitants
  3. Jamaica, 1 gold medal each 700.000 inhabitants

Countries appearing in the first positions of traditional list are far in this proportionated one. For example, Great Britain needed 2.120.000 inhabitants to get each one of its gold medals, US needed 6.766.000 inhabitants for each gold medal, and China got a shameful ratio, 1 gold medal each 35.348.000 inhabitants.

Yeah, the Caribbean rules.


Note: I wrote this post after reading this one (in Spanish): El Caribe volvió a ganar las Olimpiadas, en Rebelion, and it’s based in it. However, that post in Rebelion had some mistakes, perhaps it was written before the end of the Olympics. So I modified the list, and it isn’t exactly like it was in that post.


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