Holidays !!!

Yeah, I’m in holydays, at last. Lately days were longer and slower, it seemed like time was slowering its normal pace, trying to make impossible the arrival of the holidays. But finally the day arrived.

Here are my ten purposes for these days:

    1. To go to the beach, to swim, sunbath or simply lay down like the guy in the picture, although I’ll try to reach the sand, stairs don’t seem very comfortable. Now I’m so pale as a ghost, but I’ll change that quickly. Today it’s cloudy, damn.
Heading (face) down to the beach
image of M_a_r_k
  • To meet friends and drink some beers with them. A recent survey found that drinking beer is the habit that less Spanish people is willing to leave due the scam, named crisis by the swindlers. It’s easier to renounce concerts and cinema, for example, and even easier now that Spanish government has raised VAT of these activities from 8% to 21%. Leisure industry is finished here, soon cinemas will dissapear in Spain.
Beer Lady
Beer Lady, image of AdmiCrunch
  • To read some book/s. Which one? I’ll not tell that at the moment, perhaps later, if we become closer friends. At the moment being, we are allowed to read books. At the moment being.
  • To start my life as tax rebellious. Government has raised VAT (general VAT, not just leisure industry) because they need money to give to banks. So, I’ll search for means to stop paying VAT, or at least I’ll avoid it always that I can. There are means for that, I know already where I can buy food without VAT. If government want to help banks, they can pay with their own money, not with ours. We don’t owe, we don’t pay.
giving the finger
image of Torley Olmstead
  • To practice sport. This is a purpose that I’m trying to fulfill since January 1 (typical purpose of that date). However, some circumstances have made impossible the success of this purpose. Basically, I wasn’t in the mood.
  • To take part in some demonstrations against our delinquent government, its tax raises and cuts in social services. There is a busy schedule, with demonstrations almost daily, so it’s easy to suit my own agenda. I know they are useless, government ignores protests and just send its dogs, also named riot police, to beat people. But it’s the only thing we can do.
  • As Olympics have started already, it’s too late to take part, even if I train hard. So, to watch Olympics in TV. But not much, usually I don’t mind who wins, as I explain here: The Championship. However, there is an exception: I like Spanish basket team, and I hope to see them defeating the usually arrogant USA team. Yeah, I know the result of the last match between them, Spain 78 – USA 100, but this was a clever ploy to make them to trust too much.
    And there is another sport that I like to watch: female beach voleyball.
playing beach volleyball
picture by David Bunting, taken from
  • To overthrow the Spanish government and send our president Rajoy to Germany with his boss Merkel, or keep him here to do some cut on him. Yeah, this is an ambitious target, but it is a matter of survival: us or them. Unfornately, being realistic, they are winning, but we can dream, can’t we?. As I read in a banner, if you take away our dreams, we will not let you to sleep.
workers know how to do cuts too
  • To write some posts in my blog. Really I’m doing it right now.
  • To go back to my work and find that the place where I work hasn’t been closed due the scam (named crisis by the swindlers). To keep a job is very difficult in this country (24,6% unemployement and growing), and it’s more difficult after each Friday. Friday is the day of the week that Cabinet announces new legal and economic reforms to empoverish people (99%). It’s sad, Friday used to be a good day, last day of work before weekend, but now is a day for despair.

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