The stalker

It’s said that one of the faults of virtual worlds is the lack of body language. However, sometimes we can see it there too. Look at this picture, taken in InWorldz:

Sam and Safar

Look at the dark man, at a side and behind the lighter girl. It can’t be seen in the picture, but there were more people around, this happened in a concert. However, the man seems not to be taking atenttion to the concert nor the artist nor other people, but the girl. Look at his posture: his head tilted downwards, his gaze locked on the girl, arms at his sides, in tension, like a gunman about to draw or a predator preparing to leap on his prey.

Sam and Safar

In this second picture he seems not so threatening, maybe because there are too many people around, but remains watching the girl, all the time. But now we can see something that I suspected in the first picture already. She is aware of his presence. She is alert, watching him with the corner of her eye. The stalker had been uncovered.

For those who haven’t guessed it yet, I’m the stalker. And Safar Fiertze, the stalked girl, took and edited the pictures. So, it’s confirmed that she had uncovered me. I’m not a good stalker. But I love the pictures.

And perhaps, maybe, I still might find her alone some day.


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