We are being rescued, or the bailout of another pig

Yeah, finally our supposed president, the almost invisible Mariano Rajoy, yesterday asked his colleagues in European Union for a bailout of Spanish banks, and they accepted. Eleven days before, in May 29, our semi-dumb president talked, in his only news conference since he is president (six months already) and said categorically There will not be Spanish bank bailout”. 

For the time being, just Italy hasn’t been rescued in the select club of PIGS. A nice acronym that anglo-saxon financial media use for Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain, and sometimes it’s added an I, PIIGS, to include Ireland (rescued too). These financial journalists are so witty…

So, we are being rescued. Spanish people is safe now, aren’t we?

photo from anticapitalistes.net

For those who do not know what it means the “rescue” of a country, here’s a brief explanation:

  • 1. Now Spanish banks are going to receive a huge amount of money from our friends in European Union. As our handsome Minister of Economy said, banks will receive all the needed money. I’m happy knowing our bankers will be quiet again and they’ll not have to renounce their way of life. Yatchs and luxury whores are very expensive.
  • 2. Moneylenders impose conditions, naturally. So, we will not have to think nor to take decisions now, because we have no more responsibilites. When we thought we lived in democracy, we had to think and decide whom to vote. Now, we have been colonized, so we just have to obey the orders that our rulers, as Mario Draghi (felon, fraudster and also governor of European Central Bank), tell us (more about felons here). We are sure that our absent president Mariano Rajoy will obey quickly like a good and submissive vassal.
  • 3. Priority will be, as it can’t be in other way, to return debt that our banks contracted trying to gain more and more money. They failed, and so now every Spanish person (except bankers, of course) must pay with our money. Our missing president and his ministers have said it a lot of times: banks capitalization will not cost money to contributors. Translated, it means banks capitalization will cost a lot of money to contributors. Yeah, exactly the opposite, as each time that our governemt talks.
  • 4. We shouldn’t be selfish, so we know that other expenses must be cut. Public health, education, social services, retirement pensions, all that useless expenses are unaffordable and must be removed or almost. Retirement age will be increased, because people has the bad habit of not dying immediately once retired (International Monetary Fund published recently a report alerting to the risk that people live longer than expected). All the money is needed for banks and return of debt to our generous moneylenders.
  • 5. Due the same reason, tax must be increased for every Spanish people (except rich people, of course). Spanish government must guarantee the return of the debt that Spanish bankers contracted, and they need our money to pay that debt. Of course, we are willing to contribute with our money to their benefits, and we’ll pay tax as Madame Lagarde says.
  • 6. It’s known that the imposed conditions will have some results: for example, unemployment will raise (24,3% now and increasing), millions of persons in Spain will fall in poverty, wages will diminish and work hours will increase. But never mind, compared to what really matters: Spanish banks must get all the money they need, and moneylender banks must get good benefits.
  • 7. Well, it’s possible that our life will be harder since now. But anyway, with no public health and working more hours during more years and in worse conditions (who has a job) or living even worse if we lose our job, we’ll live less years, so no problem. Fears of Christine Lagarde and her International Monetary Fund will not happen.




After having sold a country, our president Mariano Rajoy didn’t want to talk and prefered to leave a minister explaining the matter. The next day, today, he’ll get time to travel to Poland, where he’ll watch quietly the football match between Spain and Italy. A great leader, isn’t he?

Rajoy sign

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