S&S Gallery of Fine Arts

It’s well known that InWorldz has got an active community of artists. I’ve spent a good amount of time visiting the site I bring here today, The S&S Gallery of Fine Arts, in Artistan.

The owner of this sim is Stefanik Dagostino, and here can be found paintings, sculptures and digital art of himself and other artists as soror Nishi, Allia Benelli, Life Charron, Zoree Jupiter, Teal Etzel, Journey Barzane, pete jiminy, lala lightfoot, elin egoyan, Life Charron, Aristide Despres, carabella babii, Fiona Leitner, Em Larsson, Asmita Duranjaya


Pictures taken by Alannaria. Enjoy them, and visit the place.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2 thoughts on “S&S Gallery of Fine Arts

  1. I agree, S & S is fabulous gallery, the best I've come across InWorldz. It's my favourite place for a silent moment when I release myself from self-imposed exile. Inspiring place to go when my own creativity dries up. Good snapshots, bravo !


  2. Yes, it's a great place. And I have to visit the other places yet, the Sky Gallery and the West Artistan.

    Thanks for your comment about snapshots, I'll send it to Alannaria:-)


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