Madame Lagarde, shut up

Christine Lagarde is the managing director of International Monetary Fund (IMF). She and this institution are among the most responsible in the scam, named crisis by the fraudsters, that is crushing the world and mainly the European Union.

Christine Lagarde
photo by LeWeb Paris

Well, Madame Lagarde told hard words about Greek people some days ago, in an interview for ‘The Guardian’, when she was asked if she was worried about the situation in Greece:

“I think more of the little kids from a school in a little village in Niger who get teaching two hours a day, sharing one chair for three of them, and who are very keen to get an education. I have them in my mind all the time. Because I think they need even more help than the people in Athens.”

“Do you know what? As far as Athens is concerned, I also think about all those people who are trying to escape tax all the time. All these people in Greece who are trying to escape tax.”

“I think they should also help themselves collectively.” Asked how, she replies: “By all paying their tax.”

Great. Now let’s know some data about Christine Lagarde, the managing director of IMF that takes all her time thinking about little kids in a little village in Niger. She earns 323.257 euros yearly, plus 57.829 in representation costs, total 381.086 euros (475.988 US dollars). A Greek teacher earns between 11.820 and 19.992 euros/year.

And how much does Madame Lagarde pay in tax? She pays…

0 euros = 0 US dollars = 0 Niger naira = 0 any currency

She has that privilege due her status as international civil servant. Also, she has other benefits including rent subsidies, travel and shipping expenses, subsidised medical insurance…



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