When felons are rulers

Actually in European Union we’re being governed by felons. Criminals are occupying positions as presidents of governments and European institutions.

Euro = death

A brief review of the most notorious criminals of the European Union, those who are burying democracy and stealing poor people to enrich banks, in a new version of Robin Hood.

Mariano Rajoy
Rajoy, not as stupid as he looks

For example, I can talk about Spain, it’s the case I know better because unfornately I live here: president Mariano Rajoy is giving 23.465 millions of euros to a private bank, Bankia. Banks are a sure business, they can risk money in any investement, knowing that if business work well, benefits are for them; if business doesnt work, government gives the lost money. That is what Spanish government is doing now, to give Bankia the money they lost with bad investments. Rajoy and his gang of thieves, named ministers too, are increasing taxes (except for rich people and Catholic Church), lowering budget in Public Health and Education, and giving that money to Bankia, as they did before with other banks and they’ll do later with more banks too. Public money that they give to private businesses. That is named embezzlement of funds, and it’s a crime. So, president Rajoy is a criminal. Of course, Rajoy will not be imprisoned nor prosecuted, but anyway he continues being a criminal.

Some people thinks Spain will be the first country leaving the euro first, 6 reasons Spain will leave the euro first (by Mathew Lynn). I hope so.


Other governments are doing the same. In Ireland, Prime Minister Brian Cowen gave 31.000 millions of euros to private banks. Later the country was “rescued”, an euphemism that means to lose independence and start to be directly controlled by European Central Bank (ECB). In other words, a country controlled by private banks, because the ECB works for private banks.


Greek government is a serious case, because they can be considered traitors to their country, working for the benefit of foreign countries, mainly Germany. Also, the last Greek president, the banker Lukas Papadimos, wasn’t chosen in democratic elections, he wasn’t voted by Greek people, but he has been governing Greece until May.

Suicides have raised a 100% in Greece since Greek people is being sistematically thrashed by the named troika (European Central Bank, European Comission and International Monetary Fund), the felons that run the plundering of Greece. Austerity drives up suicide rate in debt-ridden Greece (by Teo Kermeliotis)


Like Papadimos, the Prime Minister of Italy, the banker Mario Monti, didn’t win any election, he wasn’t voted by Italian people… but he is governing Italy. He was working for Goldman Sachs bank, like our next felon.


Our next felon is the governor of European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, ex-Goldman Sachs banker.  ECB isn’t like the rest of central banks in world, because central banks around the world work for their states, and they lend money to their states if needed. ECB works for private banks. It gets money from states to meet a fund and then lends millions of euros from this fund to private banks at a very low interest (1%), then these banks lend this money to states at much higher interest (5%, 6%, 7%). This is an obvious scam to enrich the banks at the expense of impoverishing people.

A words about Goldman Sachs bank. It’s known this bank advised the Greek government of Kostas Karamanlis on how to hide the true extent of Greek deficit to join the euro club, lying the rest of governments and ruining the future of Greeks during next decades. Read here if you want to know how they did it: CORRUPT ACROSS THE GLOBE: How Goldman Sachs Helped Greece Hide It’s National Debt. Greece is now being punished due this fraud, while Goldman Sachs got 600 millions of euros (800 millions of US dollars) as reward. Nobody has been prosecuted.

Mario Draghi
Mario Draghi, fraudster

The above mentioned Papadimos was governor of Greek Central Bank between 1994 and 2002, and vicepresident of European Central Bank between 2002 and 2008; so, probably he knew about the fraud, but no matter, he was appointed Prime Minister of Greece. Mario Monti was advisor of Goldman Sachs during the years of the fraud, and probably he knew the fraud as well; no matter, he was appointed Prime Minister of Italy. Mario Draghi was vicepresident of Goldman Sachs in Europe between 2002 and 2005, and he took part in the fraud; but no matter, he was appointed Governor of European Central Bank.

In 2010, European Parliament asked Jean-Claude Trichet, the predecessor of Draghi in ECB, for documentation to investigate the Goldman Sachs fraud. Trichet answered ‘no’. Nobody will be prosecuted. Criminals have been given a prize by their fraud, while Greek people, millions of persons, are being punished.

Angela Merkel
owner of EU


A female character in the list, Angela Merkel. German oligarchy tried to dominate Europe with two wars, the named First and Second World Wars, and they lost. But now they finally have got to dominate Europe, not by war but by economy, and Angela Merkel is the new chancellor of European Union. We thought European Union was an alliance between countries, not a colonization for the benefit of Deustche Bank. How wrong we were.

When countries joined to European Union, referendums were usually made to confirm the union, because in that age rulers tried to feign democracy yet. How many people who voted yes to the European Union then, would vote yes now? How many people in European countries like to be colonized by Germany and sistematically stolen by fraudsters?

graffiti over Bank of Greece sign, now Bank of Berlin

A clarification. When I talk about Germany, I’m talking just about German oligarchy. I think I have much more in common with a German, French, or Turkish worker than with Rajoy or any Spanish banker. No war but the class war.




Insumission and disobedience aren’t just an option, it’s the only option we have in these countries if we want to survive keeping a minimum of dignity as human beings. It isn’t just for justice, it’s a necessity. European people always had thought we were safe, Europe isn’t Africa, we are the First World and here people don’t starve. That ended. European Union is ruled by real criminals, being plundering by fraudsters, and falling towards the Third World.

Do you think I’m exaggerating? Remind how Europe was just five years ago, and compare how it is now. How will Europe be in five years more?


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