Happy Birthday to Ilianor

The past wednesday May 23 was a special date, Ilianor Illios birthday (RL birthday). And she celebrated it with a concert in The Express Yourself Art Fest, Pangaea (Jeri Rahja’s sim).

Birthday party

Although we had been in Second Life during three years, I hadn’t met her there. But InWorldz gave me the chance to meet her a short time ago, and I’m very glad to be her friend. Also, her concerts are one of the most beautiful things that anyone can experience in InWorldz.

Ilianor playing harp

Ilianor is a RL harpist, plays celtic music with a lever harp. Here a list of her next concerts:

Ilianor playing

  •  June 3, 11 am, Catriona, SL
  • June 9, 11 am, Marina Bay, IW
  • June 15, noon, Sirens, IW
  • June 16, noon, Marina Bay, IW
  • June 22, noon, Fairy Crossing, SL
  • June 24, noon, SL9B, SL
  • June 30, noon, Arvandor, IW
Buon Compleanno, Ilianor 

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