I want to be Icelandic

I want to be Icelandic

In 2008, Iceland was in a critical situation. The country’s three main banks collapsed within a week of each other, and the country was sunk in a devastating crisis. But then, people managed to force politicians to do a referendum to decide what Government should do. They chose that Icelandic people wouldn’t pay the crisis. They did just the opposite of what IMF (International Monetary Fund), neoliberal economists and bankers say that is needed to do, they did just the opposite of what traitor Governments in European Union are doing.

Now, Iceland is improving. Even the IMF has to admit it, How Iceland Recovered from its Near Death Experience. Forecast is that Icelandic economy will grow a 2,4% this year (-1,8% in Spain), the unemployment is 6% (24,1% in Spain), and also important, bankers that caused the crisis are being chased or in jail (they are rewarded in European Union).

Meanwhile, European Union is worse each day, 2012 is worse than 2011 but better than 2013. Public services are being dismantled, workers’ rights are coming back to XIX century, and bankers that caused the crisis are being given huge amounts of money. Money that Governments get taking it from Public Health and other public services, and increasing taxes. Except over rich people, of course, for rich people Spanish Government has aproved a tax amnesty. There was a time when it was said that taxes should be progressive, those who have more should pay more taxes; now is the opposite, who has more doesn’t pay, and the rest pay more and more. Because who has more wants all.

Meanwhile, European governments and the real rulers -bankers- repeat their favorite word, “austerity”, like a mantra. Austerity for basic public services, but not for banks, of course, they will get all the money. Greek Prime Minister Papandreu was forced to resign when he tried to do a referendum in Greece about the austerity measures… but referendum is a prohibited word for “democratic” European Union governments, unless it is proposed by the empress of Europe, Angela Merkel.




I want to be Icelandic. I don’t want to pay the crisis that neglect bankers and corrupt politicians have provoked. I want that people who caused the crisis and is now further enriched go to jail. Because this isn’t an economic crisis, this is a scam.

Rodrigo Rato is the first target. Today, a campaign has started in Spain, #15MpaRato. Ex-Economy Minister, ex-vicepresident of Spanish Government, ex-president of International Monetary Fund and ex-president of a Spanish bank, Bankia. And he failed in all his positions. He resigned from his presidency in Bankia a few days ago, and got 2,1 millions of euros (= 2,645 millions of US dollars = 1,684 millions of British pounds) as compensation after having sunk the bank. Bankia had received 4.465 millions of euros already, and it’s estimated that it’ll receive at least 11.000 millions more. More than 15.000 millions of our money, the money that Spanish government hasn’t for Public Health nor Public Education but it has for a private bank.

Rodrigo Rato

If Justice doesn’t work and attorneys don’t meet their work, people has to do it. In this web, 15mparato.wordpress.com, Rato’s dirty linen will be exposed. The campaign has as objective to get that this man be prosecuted. And he is the first one, but he will not be the only one.

In the war of those above against those below, fear has changed sides. Now we put our targets.


3 thoughts on “I want to be Icelandic

  1. A correction: a day after I wrote the post, the needed “help” for Bankia is estimated in 15.000 millions, not 11.000. At the moment. We'll see in the next days if it continues increasing.


  2. Again a correction. Newspapers say today, May 25, that Bankia will ask for 19.000 millions to the Government. Great. I'm going to ask for some thousands of millions too.


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