King Juan Carlos I, elephant and women hunter

As a relatively newcomer in InWorldz, I started to read some IW users blogs in the last weeks. Some days ago I found this post in Soror Nishi’s blog. Also other matters, she talks about Juan Carlos Alfonso Víctor María de Borbón y Borbón-Dos Sicilias, better known as Juan Carlos I, the King of Spain, and his famous picture posing with a killed elephant.

King Juan Carlos with dead elephant
Juan Carlos killing elephants in Bostwana

I realized that this picture has deteriorated King Juan Carlos’ image not just in Spain but around the world. For that reason, I’ve wanted to contribute with this post, to let readers to know a bit better my King. His life isn’t bored, continue reading.

Juan Carlos Borbon is a hunting enthusiast, he always has liked to kill any sort of living beings. Here there are some pictures of Juan Carlos’ huntings.

Juan Carlos hunting in Bostwana Juan Carlos hunting
Juan Carlos hunting in Bostwana
Mitrofan, the drunk bear

Mitrofan, the drunk bear? The last picture must be explained. In 2006, the Borbon traveled to Russia, and of course went there to hunt as well. Mitrofan was a 4 years old bear, living in captivity since it was a bear cub, and described as calm and cheerful by local people. A forest ranger declared that Mitrofan was drunk with vodka mixed with honey and transferred to a forest near Juan Carlos, to let him to kill it easily. It was said the vodka could be to put bear and King in equal terms, although this couldn’t be confirmed.

newspaper Deia

The authors of this photomontage in newspaper Deia were tried by slanderous allegations. This may surprise people living in countries with freedom of speech, but this is Spain. They were finally acquitted, so I suppose I can place the picture.

curiously, the Borbon is Honorary President of WWF (World Wildlife Fund for Nature) in Spain. There is a campaign to collect signatures for the end of his hypocritical presidency, and 182.744 signatures had been collected in the moment I wrote this.

Juan Carlos and Alfonso
Juan Carlos (taller) and Alfonso

By the way, Juan Carlos not just has shot against animals. In March 29, 1956, when he was 18 years old, Juan Carlos killed his brother Alfonso (14 years old) shooting on his face with a Long Automatic Star pistol 22 gauge. The bullet entered his nose and went straight to the brain, Alfonso died instantly. Juan Carlos said it was an accident, and there weren’t witnesses. It’s said their father demanded Juan Carlos to swear it had been an accident, and he (their father) never forgave him. Their uncle asked for an official investigation, but there weren’t news about it.

For me, it’s odd that a man who killed his own brother due to an accident with a pistol enjoy so much the weapons as Juan Carlos does. But I’m not a King, maybe that’s the reason.

Well, let’s draw a thick veil over this sad affair, that is what Spanish media have always done.

The second hobby of Juan Carlos I, or maybe the first one: women. Here there is a picture gallery, although not a complete one, that would be impossible. The first one is his wife, Queen Sofía. The next ones, some of the lovers that it’s said he got during his marriage. Well, just the most famous, because someone mentioned the number 1.500. I guess that number is exaggerated, but it’s useful to realize we aren’t talking about 3 or 4 lovers. (place mouse on the pictures to see names)

Queen Sofia Sara Montiel Maria Gabriela de Saboya Paloma San Basilio Nadiuska Sandra Mozarowsky Raffaella Carra Barbara Rey Maria Kosty Marta Gaya Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein Julia Steinbusch

In a recently published book, ‘La soledad de la Reina’ (The solitude of the Queen) by Pilar Eyre, the authoress tells that Queen Sofia doesn’t share bedroom with Juan Carlos since 1976, tired of his infidelities.

A note about Barbara Rey, the fourth girl in the second line of pictures. She was a famous vedette in Spain. The story has been told in several books and magazines, most of the times not giving the name of both but enough clues to know it’s about Barbara and the King. Their affair finished in 1994, but she had got recordings, films and photos during years. Not just about sex, it seems Juan Carlos isn’t very discreet and talked often about every matter, like his relationship with the Queen and even issues of state, including the coup d’etat attempt in 1981. First she got a monthly assignment by her silence, also her participation starring a weekly TV program, but the deal was broken when some of the recordings and videos were stolen from her home. Then her public insinuations were increasingly direct, even she reported death threats from a friend of the King (by the way, a friend that later went to jail because of other issue). Until she received a great amount of money in exchange of all the stuff, and she didn’t talk anymore.

Ok, a second thick veil is needed here. That is what Spanish media have always done.

But cheer up, we can end this post with some amusing pictures to show the Borbon’s agility.

Juan Carlos stumbling
Juan Carlos stumbling Juan Carlos stumbling
Juan Carlos stumbling

No, he isn’t breakdancing. He is stumbling. Yes, in the four pictures.

It was amusing as well when he walked through a glass door in his home, thinking it was opened, but there aren’t pictures about that.


Well, I hope our King will be better known now for the non Spanish readers, and I hope to have contributed to improve his image as he deserves.

Juan Carlos giving a finger
The King of Spain giving the finger to people booing him in Basque country (it’s not Photoshop, it’s real). Queen Sofia, more professional, waves for the cameras feigning she doesn’t hear the booing. She is trained, during fifty years has feigned not to know what her husband does

P.S.: There is a lot of interesting affairs about our King: his brother’s death, his oath of allegiance to the fascist dictator Francisco Franco and his praises of this serial killer, his dangerous liaisons, his business, arms trafficking, the coup d’etat attempt and the rol that Juan Carlos played in it (if someone repeats the official version saying that Juan Carlos stopped the coup, let me to laugh out loud) … There are books about all that –Un Rey Golpe a Golpe (pdf, Spanish)-, but this is just a simple post in a modest blog. I would need much more space.


More about the Borbon: The King who organized coups



8 thoughts on “King Juan Carlos I, elephant and women hunter

  1. Very good post Samuel. I'm from Portugal (where Juan Carlos killed his brother…), and was aware generally of what you write about, but still I'd never seen such a concise and informative summary about the king of Spain.


  2. Thanks, Marmaduke. The King has been very protected by Spanish media, that always have tried to hide his affairs. Journalists who have written on these issues have been a minority. Maybe in Portugal journalists write more freely about him.


  3. It's a rather biased one sided summary about the king of Spain. If you ever looked at pictures of him after his brother was accidentally killed, and for years after, you will notice he appears sad, lost, probably suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. His mum ended up in mental hospital for some time after that, his father left in a rage and went sailing with friends and sent jc back to school immediatel. So, we're talking about zero family support, abandonment by a father, and trauma after the accidental shooting of a beloved brother. Not supporting killing elephants, but using that as a reason to demonize someone you don't even know, and clearly haven't taken the time to study………


  4. It's true I don't know him pesonally, but I think that I couldn't meet him anyway. About the matter, I'm not demonizing him, I'm just exposing some objective facts. It's a fact that he killed his brother, and any other adult person that kills someone isn't treated in the same way by police and judges. What you say (he appears sad, accidental shooting of a beloved brother), are opinions.

    You say it's a rather biased one sided summary. Well, all Spanish media have been talking about him in a biased opposite side during decades. Just dictators have the same treatment of media in the world than Juan Carlos. So, I prefer to talk about the sort of matters that you'll never watch in Spanish TV.

    Juan Carlos isn't a honest person. I think even you should admit it if you think how he has behaved with his wife.

    Anyway, if I had to choose, I would demonize him with his participation in the coup d'etat attempt. But as this blog has more readers outside Spain than within, that wouldn't be an easy matter.


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