Warning!!! Beware!!!

If you come to Spain, you must be aware, you could find members of a dangerous gang. When his master sends them to the streets, they are always in group, dressed in dark clothes, heavily armed, even with chemical weapons. They jump from dark vans and then run by the streets like mad dogs, attacking anyone who gets within reach, hitting and shooting their guns at anything that moves. Nobody is safe if they appear; adults, elderlies and minors have been beaten by these beasts in last months.

If you see some of them, do not hesitate, turn back and run, run without looking back before they reach you. Don’t try to fight, reason out nor beg, because you just will get a beating or something worse.

Remember this warning if you come to Spain. They are always armed and very dangerous. They are called riot police. Yes, that’s right: they are police officers, and they cause riots wherever they go.

stop repression

Here a sample. How they beat students that were armed with books,  a thing that Spanish riot police hate.

Why do they wear helmets if they have no brain?


April 12, 2012

I published this post in March 10, 2012. A month later, this gang have killed a person: Iñigo Cabacas, 28 years old man, murdered by riot police gang hitting him in the head with a rubber ball. Iñigo was celebrating the victory of the local football team Athletic de Bilbao against the Schalke.

Iñigo Cabacas, killed by policeThe European Commission warned some time ago the disappearance of this weapon as being too dangerous, but in Spain is often used. It seems they don’t mind if kill someone from time to time.

The Government has told there will be an investigation. Everyone in Spain know already the conclusions of that investigation, before to start: there will not be any guilty.


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