Greatest robbery in the history

Euro = death

If you search for the greatest robberies in the history you’ll get a list with the great train robbery, the Boston Museum robbery, etc. However, the greatest robbery, with difference, is the Euro, the European monetary union. This invention has let and continue letting the theft of thousands of millions of euros from people to the bankers during years. Governments take our money with taxes and give that money to bankers. The gift can be named European Financial Stability Facility, European Central Bank liquidity auction or other roundabout names, but it continues being the same: a theft.

But they (the 1%) are never satisfied, and also have carried out coups d’etat at Greece and Italy; bankers now rule there directly, without intermediaries politicians. Lukas Papademos was chief economist of the Bank of Greece and vicepresident of the European Central Bank, now is Greek Prime Minister. Mario Monti was adviser for Goldman Sachs, now is Italian Prime Minister. Who has voted for Papademos in Greece and Monti in Italy? Nobody. However, they are governing. Who can say, at this point, that Greece and Italy are democratic countries?

Until when we’ll continue impassive seeing how these criminals steal us? IT ISN’T A CRISIS, IT’S A SCAM.

stop financial terrorism

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